Tuesday, August 30, 2005

And all hell breaks loose and breaks our hearts

There are times in my life when I just sit and wonder "why?". I'm having one of those moments today. Oh our weather is great today! I've got a job, house, food, water, lights, blah blah blah and yet I wonder why? I wonder almost in tears why the hurricane had to happen. Why did the wind and the waters come? Why so many deaths with so many more to come? Questions I will never understand...

This morning we had our regular Tursday morning staff meeting and before we started we had a moment of silence. Ok, we had a prayer. We've never done this before among our politically correct team. And how sad it is that it takes a Katrina or a 9-11 or a war to make it happen.

Everyone's lives are affected by this storm and it's ruthless slam. Everyone knows someone who lives in LA or MS. I mean afterall, they are our neighboring states. Andree', my VP has family in NO and other parts of LA and MS. Jason, my buddy in Employee Health, has a sister in LA, my inlaws preacher is from NO and has lots of family there...

Our transport team is making flights to LA to bring kids here to the hospital. They will be a long way from home and their families will be frightened just as much.

I could write more but today I think it's best to just end it here and ask God to have mercy.

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