Saturday, August 20, 2005

Doctor Phil...good

I went out for a ride this morning before the heat arrived. Nothing big just the river and to Maumelle where my sister lives but it was way to early to go knocking on a door. I toured the new part of their neighborhood and saw the 7K square foot house going up. What do you do with that much room?

As I was heading back to the car and met Ricky, Kyle and Phil (our pastor). Phil has gotten the biking bug and is doing a great job! The first time I saw him out riding he was on some old bike and no helmet. Today his was on a sweet Trek mountain bike with a great looking black helmet! He was dressed in all black and looked like he belonged out on the bike path! Phil is our pastor and a teacher at Harding University. Super nice guy and I hopes the good doctor continues to ride! Dr're doing good!

The rest of the day has been an in the house working day. Besides I just looked at the weather channel and it's a whooping 100 degress with a heat index of 109. the Sylvan Hills Blue/White game is in a couple of hours but I think I'll pass. I love 'em but heat index of 109? No thanks.

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