Thursday, August 04, 2005

Starting all over

For those of you who are new to my blog stuff, I just finished riding my bicycle around the borders of the state of Arkansas to rasie awareness and funds for Arkansas Children's Hospital. What an adventure it was!

If you want to read more about it here are 2 websites that you can visit. (This is mostly the before the ride journal and the web site went down just as the tour started so I had to find another journal site. There's some good stuff and lots of photos) (This is the actual ride journal of my tour around the state and the adventures)

So why a new blog? Well, the other was named 2005 Bike ride and that chapter is complete but the adventures of life are far from over! I'll do my best to update every day. I think you'll like the new adventures which will include upcoming bike rides like "Tour de Oink", Ride for the Roses" with Lance Armstrong, and other stuff like living with a teenage daughter and how to get a son out of college and living to tell about it!

While your reading, you can also read a great blog that my nephew Jim has on this same site. Go visit He's a preacher and has some great thoughts plus he is about to move to Texas. TEXAS?!!! Trading the red of Razorbacks for the orange of the Horns. Some folks would have to go forward and fill out a little card for their sins for doing that! HA! No serious, Jim is a highly sought after speaker and a super nephew! Oh and his adventures with his wife Mandy and daughters Trae and Torey are a hoot! But Texas? Jim, your momma rasied you better than that!

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