Tuesday, August 23, 2005

It's raining!

Finally, a real rain in central Arkansas!

Today is my niece Shannon's birthday! Happy birthday Shannon! We're all going to Bryant tonight to eat Mexican food at TaMolly's. it's a tradation to go there on Sha-Sha's birthday for several years now. Always a lot of fun. We even have our own room and they sing and make her wear a sombraro! A velvet one!

I went to a after work spin class yesterday then out to the river to ride after that! It was great! I spinned for 45 minutes then rode 17 miles at 21 mph! I think I'll go to the spin classes more often before my shorter rides because I was warmed up as I started my regular ride.

I saw a good Samaritan yesterday on my way home from riding. The heat was about 100 degrees and the heat index was 107 and at the end of the 630 loop was an elderly man with a broke down car and one of our doctors was out there helping him. Now that my friends is care, love and hope! I sent a email to Dr. Taylor to let her know but I have no idea who it was.

You know my nephew Jim who moved to TX. Well he's a huge TX Rangers fan and they have lost 12 of the last 13 games. Jim wants to convert to Astro's fan. I'm thinking my nephew Ryan is busting a gut laughing at Jim. We're all like, Ok Jim, enough of the Ranger stuff on your blog! Serious thought, it's always good to have someone to cheer on! But for some reason i keep picturing Jim as Charile Brown when I think of him and the Rangers... Oh Good Grief Charlie Brown!

I'm doing an over night trip to Jonesboro Friday night with Rance and we will ride early Saturday morning. I can't wait to return to an area where I rode during the tour! I'm planning to shoot a lot of photos since I didn't when I went through. We're going to ride a metyric century which is 62 miles. Or around that...

By the way there is a ride coming up on Oct 15th. Here's information. I'm going to ride it. You ought to as well!

Saturday, October 15 2005
For further information on the Bicycle Ride, please contact:
Tammy Evins (870) 935-4673 or email tevins@betterlife.org

Every Cyclist is welcome to come to the first Better Life Counseling Center’s Ride for a Better Life. The Better Life Counseling Center is a non-profit organization that provides Christian counseling to families, couples and individuals based on their ability to pay. The money raised in this event will go to the Samaritan Fund that helps pay for the services that our clients receive. The course is about 62 miles of rolling hills on scenic Crowley’s Ridge near Jonesboro, AR. There will also be a 10 and 25 mile course.

The ride will begin and end at the offices of the Better Life Counseling Center which is located at the Southwest Church of Christ, behind the YMCA on Nettleton Avenue in Jonesboro, AR. Registration, Pancake Breakfast, and Packet Pickup will start at 8:00 am. The ride will start promptly at 9:00 am. There will be several rest stations along the way with complimentary drinks and food. There will be ice cream at the end of the event. All riders will receive free items from our sponsors.

The fee for Riding is $30.00 in Advance or $40.00 on day of event.

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