Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Some will say I'm wrong for that thought

Looting stuff they don't need? Animals.

Looting for food to take care of their families when help is no where near? Basic human survival instinct and I'd do it for Terri and the kids too.

But I can't understand taking TV's and shirts from the Gap. And buddy don't think that the owners of those stores haven't seen the video and know you faces.
I know, I know, that's not politically correct thinking.

I had to stop watching the news stories. I did this during 9/11 too. It was just too much and we need to be strong and normal as the pilgrams/refugees/evavcuatees begin to arrive. Our choppers have been making trips down to take supplies and returning with kids. I'm so proud of our Transport Team. Very proud to be their recruiter.

I invited a serviceman stationed at Camp Robinson to come along and bike with the club last night. Oh man, he was a pro! Derek can smoke everyone! Nice guy, loves to ride. The club wanted to know who invited him. I laughed! I won't be able to ride with the club Thursday since it's the monthly BACA meeting and I am presenting my state border tour.

I'm taking a couple of extra days off for the Labor Day holiday so I can work around the house and get some good riding in.

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