Thursday, August 18, 2005

One hot momma!

Oh man, it's hot! Really, it's hot! The rain added the challenage of high humid afternoons. I'm heading out to ride with the club at 6 so maybe it will cool a degree or two. Heat index is popping us at 108! We will be riding like dawgs today. At least riding fast keeps the "air conditioner" on.

The sell of the ACH jersey's are going really well. Several have purchased the whole kit! We'll have samples in tomorrow so folks can try on. They have the top but the gloves and shorts are needed. This is going to be so cool to have about a 100 or so pieces of TEAM ACH bike gear out in the community!

I went last night to a meeting of Rails to Trails in the Rivermarket District. Met lots of officials with city and state government offices. Nice folks. Jeff and Heather were the guest from the Washington DC office of Rails to Trails. Here's their website:
Lots to do in Little Rock and central Arkansas for the bike community but we are looking good!

Got a funny email from my neice Shannon. She is only 9 years younger than me so we can relate on a few things. She got a kidney stone and gave the details. Bless her heart! I hope I never get one of those.

Have you seen "Gone Tribal" in Discovery channel yet? Really cool adventure show. Not a reality show but real. This guy from England goes through the jungles and tries to become friends and fit in with different tribes. The show is BBC (from England) so they show native "parts" like National Geographic magazines (the favorite magazine of all 7th guy boys! HA!).
The last show they had a male ceremony and poked a stick through the guys nose and it didn't even bleed. He said that the tribe was only a 2 day hike from cities but was 100 years different.
The tribe lives in huge tree houses way up there. Neat show but not for the little kids to watch.

Tomorrow is back to school for Emily and gang! I told Terri that Emily shouldn't be running around late tonight and she laughed and said she was going to have Emily stay in her room and keep trying on clothes until she knows what she's going to wear tomorrow. I laughed. She might know tonight but she'll change her mind in the morning! And she won't be able to go to sleep tonight.

We talked to Tyler and he was working on some 3D modling and said it was some of his best work yet. He is already in midterms! Not much longer for school. Graduates in December!

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