Friday, August 26, 2005

Doin' tha frydee dance!

Oh yes! The end of the week is upon us!

I'm heading out of town after work to ride the Jonesboro section of the ride again as well as some of Crowley's Ridge. Rance and I are camping out at some girl's house that has gone to Texas to ride in the massive (10K plus riders) "Hotter than Hell 100" bicycle ride.

Seems a lot of folks for AR head over to TX to ride. I logged into the Wichita Falls TX paper and there are a couple of articles about it. One is that several hotels have changed since last year. In fact, sounds like one changed a couple of weeks ago and they are expecting mass confusion with the hotels. All I can say to them is don't tick off an Arkie after they've driven hours and hours to ride a bike. I hope the AR crew all have a great time and have a easy check in.

I read on my nephew's blog that the new town (Marble Falls, TX) that they moved to has the football opener tonight. Jim is a huge high school football fan and all the towns he's lived in the football teams have made it to the playoffs. Well, the Marble Falls Mustangs will go this year .. even though they have only won one game in 3 years. Jim went to CAC and they were the Mustangs. Maybe this is a sign.

Oh and get this ... he bet the teens at the church he preaches for that if they got to 100 teens for some function they are having they he'll shave his head! Now this is gonna be fun!

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