Sunday, August 14, 2005

Riding with the brethern

Yesterday morning I met up with 75 other cyclist to be a part of the ride of silence in honor of Jason Pratt. It was very strange to ride for 3 miles without saying a word to anyone. Ron rode beside me for a while then the line changed up. Ron was the one who suggested it and I'm proud he did! I hope they catch whoever hit Jason!

After the ride I met up with several friends and we rode out to Keo and back. On the way back I got ahead of the crowd and got my speed up to 20-23mph and i missed the turn off road so i rode some extra miles. I was fun though! By the end of my day I had riden 60 miles.

This morning I met Mike, Kyle and Rick at the submarine for a quick NLR river ride. It was fun even though I didn't stay with the group that much. Since I've done the tour, my legs scream to go fast and free, so I do. Sometimes at the inapproprate times. Sorry friends, I don't mean to get that far ahead.

I finally washed those nasty cars yesterday. Man, it was bad! They look pretty good. Actually they look like different cars! There have been things I'm been working on since the tour so slowly but surely, I'm getting everything back in livable condition. Got the outside of the house all scrubbed down and pressure washed, the deck has been pressure washed and ready for stain and sealer, cars are washed and oil changed, blah blah blah...

My nephew Jim and his family should be in Texas now doing the unpacking and setting up home. He will be in Marble Falls, TX just outside of Austin. Hear George Strait was building a house out there too. I'm ready for Jim to return to his blog so I can read all about the move.

I'm hoping to take some clothes to the office and start commuting to work again. It's fun to do and I feel good after I get there plus now we have the new fitness center so I can get in and out faster. I've been taking my lunch too so I would need to take a few days worth of food to eat. Gas is now 2.48 in our neighborhood. If I ride, my gas would be ZERO! Takes about 43.00 to fill the Explorer per week... times 4 weeks = $172.00 per month I would save! I think this gas thing is a government rip off anyway.

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