Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm not your dinner!

I started off have "senior" moments before I ever got on my bike after work. I forget this and that, had to find my keys, unlock the car, get that, blah blah blah ... finally out of the ride with Rance (my trainer). He was dragging his tail. If I got in front he'd fall way back. If I got behind him he would speed up. Amazing that this is the guy that can teach a spin class that can make you think you are raining from sweating so much. I tried to get him to dance on the pedals in a halfway point sprint. Nah, wouldn't do it.

So the sun is setting and a beautiful pink and light blue sunset. Postcard worthy! We are coming to the ball fields and Rance has and flat...then I have a flat within seconds of his. We pull over to fix right quick and everything goes out the window! Problems getting my wheel off. I missed up the valve stem so I couldn't fill the tube all the way up and then I get fixed up and back on the bike...what is happening to me???? My hands start to sting like nothing I've ever felt before. This feels like that pink installation itch but a hundred times worse! Getting more painful by the second. Now my ankles. Whatever is happening is hurting bad. It becomes so bad that I hold my hand up to my mouth and literally rip my riding glove off my hand. I tore the thing off. I look down and I'm riding 4 mph. I see Rance off and on. Then he says something about ants. Oh man, fire ants! Lucky for me the sprinklers were going at Alltel Corportate Park so I stopped and held my arms in the sprinklers. I slowly rode back to Rance's and got in the car and home. You know when you are sick and you drive and it seems like time goes into slo-mo? That was the drive home last night. Today I feel drained and there are spots that itch and are swollen. I know I'm not supposed to hate but I HATE fire ants.

Poor Tyler, out in Denver and they have the big weather flip flop change and he gets a bad cold everytime.

Emily is doing well in school. She has all A's right now ... of course she hasn't had any test yet. HA! She is taking a different approach this year. I think we'll see some great grades.

I can't believe how her and Tyler have grown up. Just weird seeing photo's of them as little kids. Someday maybe we'll be blessed with grandkids and I can spoil them.

My friends in Employee Health came off a 3 day diet so I've been good this week not to eat out but I knew they would be today so I went to pay respects to the ATM machine and ate out today! Everyone is talking about getting a block of seats for the Rolling Stones concert at Alltel. They are pricey but the show would be a lot of fun.

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