Tuesday, June 06, 2006

40% chance huh?!

The weather report says we have a 40% chance of showers today. Well it started raining about 11 and has been light rain since. I've finished my "have to do" list and pondering what to do after work now.

Can't ride. Club ride will cancel anyway.

Can't mow. However I did mow the front last night. I told the kids to get out in the back yard and clean up after their dogs. "We'll do it tomorrow." So now there's wet doggie piles in the back yard. I hope there's not wet doggies out there too. Nothing worst than a wet dog that is happy to see you! And Max (Sean's dog) is sort of like on the Flintstones when Dino greets Fred. Yep, he's getting big.

By the way, Sean is Emily's boyfriend. I think several folks thought Sean was one of my kids. He might as well be.

I'm already thinking about the weekend since the CARTI ride is coming up. Here's the website if you want to see it: www.tourderock.org It's a fun ride where you can ride between 2 miles to 33 miles. I'm excited about the 33 miler because you have to average 14-18mph. I'm hoping to ride with the big dogs on this one. The bigger dogs will be racing the crits so it sort of leaves room for old guys like me to stay up front a little longer. I'm hoping the course is cleared so we can hammer it out at times.

Oh well, back to work...

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