Sunday, June 04, 2006

A weekend of hills

We got home from church and I had a quick bite since it was just Terri and I. Headed out to the river and knew I'd meet up with the ABC club ride before long. I rode repeats on Ft Roots and as I was going down for the thrid time the gang was working their way up. Got to the bottom and big ringed it back up. I was feeling good (compared to the last hill climbs during the ride yesterday). The club was gathered at our usual resting spot.

We all rode down and out to Cook's and more socializing. The plan was to ride back over the river with them and climb Overlook, and River Mtn and recovery speed on the way back to the car but as we kept the pace around 20-ish and slowing down for famlies and other bikes, I seemd to run out of steam. I knew it wouldn't be fun to try and keep up after doing repeats already. If it would have been a slower pace I would have done it but I'm not one to ask for a slower pace. So as we got to the turn off I bid farewell and headed to the boat ramp and the car.

Back up a couple of frames and let me tell you about Robb. He was riding along and started doing his hot dogging and I got so tickled I was weaving and laughing so hard I could keep the pace and breathe.

I put sweet tea in one of my bottles and there's just something about it that calms me down. It's funny that so many people tell people who are active in hot weather to be sure and drink some Gatoraid when it is really one of the last things we want. It makes our tummies cramp. Sometimes we slice it half and half with water.

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