Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Tuesday night ride

Ok now this is a funny photo. Yale and Jenn are actually talking about tonights ride and giving intro's to the new folks. But what it looks like is Yale is singing that kids Sunday school song about wise man built his house upon the rocks and Jenn looks like she's saluting and waiting for the Blue Angels to do a fly over.

A shot of some of our new riders tonight. This guy (yellow jersey)can move!

This was part of the lead group that got to the regroup point. We all regroup to ride over the Broadway bridge together.

I had to return early to get back to the house so I could give Emmy money for pizza over at the friends house tonight. But I took time to ride the Medical Mile right behind the Peabody and these are some of the art peices on the walls. Cool huh?

Tonights Fast Girls and Slow Guys ride was a blast! Great group. We had several new riders and they weren't to shabby either!

Yale and Jenn gathered the group for the route directions and regrouping places. Gave introductions to the new folks and off we headed. Jenn and Rebecca "Yes, as a matter of fact my man did sign me up to climb Mt Nebo Saturday" Almost Irons took us out and did a mighty fine pull. As usual the beginning of the ride had that nervous energy, find your spot in the line stuff going on but we always do that. Some are in social mode, some are in the "I gotta get to the front" mode. It all evens out within a few minutes and we are zipping along in a nice paceline.

We had some great pullers tonight. The nice steady sort that makes the ride stressless. Jo pulled and I was behind her and man the wind seemed to be throwing it at her. She did a great job and then it was my turn. I seem to hit the pull zone right about the area before the rehab center. That's also the place where the youngsters cut it loose and sprint. Most of our heavy weight sprinters were elsewhere tonight so I just pulled along at 21-22. We lucked out and got to get on over to the regroup spot and wait with no traffic problems. When we stopped I turned to look back and was pleased to find a large group stayed at the front. The second group seemed to be several minutes back and I'm not sure why. Someone could have had techno probs or a flat or maybe a newbie getting his barings. Hey, we've ALL been there.

The gang's all here so Yale gives me the OK to head on over the bridge. Dang wind! I dropped us all the way down to 14 but the wind wasn't letting me have any slack. We all made it over and rode lesurely through town and hit the sidewalk for a few moments in order to get back to the regular riding trail. I hate riding on the sidewalk! I mean I really hate it even though there are no folks walking in the area. Oh well, it's that or the road and it's a busy one!

We get to the baseball field and have to stop for a couple of cars and then head on out to Riverdale. Everyone sort of uses that side road as a fed zone because in a moment we'll kick it up. We get on out the and a couple of the guys take off and I'm riding along and I can't seem to get back up there even at 22-23mph. I'm sort of feeling the effects of the windy pull but feeling good at the same time. I pull out and cheer Jo to go get 'em and sadly drop to the back of the line. Dropping to the back is always a mental blow to me. Anyway, I keep it moving and then slow and turn around at the golf course because I know I need to head back to get to the house since Terri is out of town. The ride back was solo and there's that wind again. I didn't really feel like hammering across the Broadway bridge even though now that I think about it, it would have been tailwind. I dropped down behind the police station and rode along the river and the medical mile and looked at the artwork.

It was an enjoyable ride and I got home just as Emmy was leaving to go to her friends house. Go timing!

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