Saturday, June 24, 2006

Don't rain on my parade!

Got up feeling ready to ride this morning! The plan was to ride down to the river and on out to Cook's Landing and send off the Mt Nebo riders. Our club is riding 2 different rides today. Some are going to Mt Nebo for a climbing session and others are riding around Lake Maumelle. I didn't have a lot of free time today so I passed on both but I longed to go climb Nebo. I've wanted to do this climb for over a year now and something always gets in the way. Oh well, that's life.

I took the kids to US Pizza last night for dinner and had a good time. I dream of the day all places are smoke free. Some smoke doesn't bother me but there are certain cigs that when I'm around that smoke my head still hurting. Last night was one of those. Strange how for years and years smoking was ok but once you get in a non smoking environment and are aware of your health then smoking just seems like a rather dumb thing to do.

So why am I not riding right now? Well after my shower it was sunny on one side of the house and when I went to set the spranklers I walked out to dark clouds. Oh man, not again! I walked back in and turned on the tube and the rain is south of here. It looks to be raining hard in Benton. I decide on waiting it out a bit since the doppler thing shows it going south. I rode in the downpour last Sunday, I'll pass today! HA! It really looks like it's falling apart and should be clearing up here before long. I'll do my house chores and then maybe it will be good so I can go burn off last nights 3 slices of dough.

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