Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's hump day!

It's Wednesday (Hump day!) and I'm off on Monday and Tuesday of next week for the holiday so I'm ready for the weekend already! But then again, I'm usually ready for the weekend at 8:16 a.m. on Monday too! HA!

Tyler stopped by the house and showed us a little box for a special girl. There were big sparkly rocks in that box! Yep, here's come the bride in my family before long. No date set or any of that stuff yet. Not even sure if he has given her the ring but she doesn't read this blog.
Congrats kids!

I was about to head out to ride when he came so I hung around and glad to do it too! I did go ride about 7-ish and knew the club was already over the bridge into LR so I stayed on the NLR side and did repeats of Ft Roots. On my third time down I caught the sight of what looked like a couple of my guys on up the way so I figured I'd try and catch. I took me a bit but I did catch up.

Sort of glad I missed the ride tonight after I got to Cook's there was some dicussions going on about different things that happened. All in all sounded like a good ride for the most part but there was some sounded off going on. With the club getting bigger (24 riders tonight with several regulars missing) there is a different group dynamics going on. Safety issues will probably be discussed before the next ride.

Well, I just wanted to stop for a sec and blog a moment... back to work for me!

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