Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finishing between 38 to 40 mph

Summer crit series at Burn's Park. Yep they go that fast!

Jenn (Podium girl turned corner mashall) watching the riders take corner number 4. She would hollar things at the riders.

Our very own "Big John" in the blue!

Our very own Patrick getting ready to bank the curve.

I went out last night with the club and blew it. It was one of the worse rides I had this season. It just was not in me to keep up so I ended up dropping out of the group and riding solo a bit. Then rode with Barry who is one of our guys but having to take it easy due to an early season crash breaking a shoulder or rib. Then with Mike and Lee, a couple of guys from church, were out there and I rode with them down and part of the way back.

So today I told myself that since I had the car I was going to head back out there and get it back in gear. I rode a nice solid 20mph most of the time only slowing for walkers and slower riders. I rode down and back then stopped at the summer series crit races in Burn'sPark and enjoyed some good racing among friends. I hung out at the back curves with Jenn "I dream of being a podium girl for Tom Danielson" and Christopher "I could whip my bosses butt on that bike" Irons. I'm not telling you who Christopher's boss is...but he is good!

We had a couple of our own club riders racing. Big John and Patrick. We hooted and hollered for them. The last race is always the one to watch because it's the best in class. They had Carve, Tyson, and a couple others I'm not sure who they were but this is what they did. They take off and ride 35 or 40 minutes then 2 laps. During the timed part they will throw out prizes to whoever wins that lap. Usually a small prize like a six pack or something but it makes them crazy and they start picking the speed up. The last lap had them flying through and has they rounded the last corner and broke out into a finishing sprint they hit speeds of 40 mph!!

After the race and I knocked out another "down and back" and headed home for the evening. Tomorrow we stay on the NLR side but we ride what's called the Root Canal. It includes climbing Ft Roots 4 times.

It was good to be back out there and feeling good. I really had worried about last night and why it just wasn't happening but some days are just likethat Iguess. Ya got it or ya ain't.

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