Friday, June 02, 2006

Going slow along the river

The world's longest bike bridge due to open Oct 1st for the ARKY 100

They're serious, don't ride over it yet. They'll call your momma if you do. Sign says so!

This is what the bridge looks like from further back.

This is one of the forest areas you get to ride through. It's not unusal to see folks with a nice bass or two on a stringer walking back to their cars. This is also where the deer walk through at sunset to get to water. I yelled "DEER" more than once on a group ride.

Look real close. The King was out on the trail this afternoon. That's Elvis the King snake.

Just one of our signs with flowers blooming.

You can get off the river trail a little and climb Ft Roots drive. This is the view from right in from of the engineers office.

Same spot as above but you can see the Arkansas State Capitol and if you look to the right and you can see the building with black windows? That's Arkansas Children's Hospital. My employer (and generous sponsor).

This is one of he old house at Ft Roots. Nice house huh?

And this is the view directly in front of the house above. Nice view huh?

...and this is the price is cost to build it in 1896... $2,890. Very nice price, huh? Wonder what this house would be worth as a regular neighborhood home in this location?

You could build a 12 bed hospital for the price of a cheap car!

This is a bunk house that slept 65 men built for $26,000.

Heading back down the hill. If you look close it' almost like one of those illusion pictures because it looks like it's going uphill.

A stop point on the way down.

One of the three switchbacks of Ft Roots drive.

And another switchback

The "long" wooden bridge on the river trail.

There is a water ski competition going on this weekend. I watched the hot doggers on their board doing those really cool jumps and stuff.

I fianlly got out of the house this afternoon and rode the river with camera in hand.

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