Saturday, June 24, 2006

Caught in the rain...same spot!

I headed out for a mid morning ride because the spotted showers were gone. I left the house and rode over to Remont then on around to Burn's Park. I felt great! I was moving at a nice 24mph and it just had that "whoo, I happy to be alive" zing to it! I curved around by the baseballfields and saw he big softball tourney going on. As I crossed the bridge I noticed a section of the woods marked with yellow tape like a walkway. On down the road I found it was a urban adventure race. I saw the staging area and wanted to stop and talk to friends really bad but they had a race and I had a ride. I rode awhile along the river and then headed back home. I was noticing that there was one cloud with a dark bottom. All the rest were white puffy types. I made it back over to Remount and climbed the hill and just as I turned to start cutting through the different neigborhoods I felt the sprinkles... then the rain. I looked up and it was a smal cloud so I knew it wouldn't last long. Sure enough it stopped as fast as it started but the closer I got to the house the more I could tell it really rained hard for a few. The curb had a nice creek flowing. Made it home fine and did some mor chores then Emmy and I went to Circuit City to shop for her a new CD player for her car. The Honda I gave her that was mine only had a cassette. She has to have tunes! HA!

Sad thing happened this morning with the dogs. Sadie and Max were out on the deck and Max got too rough with Sadie and she started whinning real loud and I went to the door and looked out and usually Sadie and push Max off when he is getting like that but this morning he had Sadie by the thoat and when she yelped I opened the door real fast and started to yell at him but intead I was greeted with a growl. I keep telling myself that it had to be because I startled him but still. I told Emmy that if he ever did that to anyone or I catch him hurting Sadie again he would have to go to Seans to live. I just won't have htat. Emmy and Sean both understood. I told Terri during dinner tonight that I didn't want to get rid of Max because he is a sweet pup but just big and powerful. I thinkhe might do k if Sean took him home and was able to spend a lot more time with him ad trained him some more. Sean is a good trainer. we'll see hw this all plays out.

Teri is home from her convention. She planned and pulled off a great one and the mistakes no one who doesn't know would ever figured out it was a mistake anyway. She said she feels like a few days after Christmaswhen you finally have to say,"Ok, let's put up the toys." She glad it's over! I am too!

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