Sunday, June 18, 2006

Thanks Dad!

Just me and my Dad
This was at the Maumelle Vetrans memorial

I know my Dad will never read this but I figured I'dwrite it anyway. I suspect he's taking a nap about now after having a Sunday lunch. I suspect he got up this morning and made his way to the den and turned on the tv to check out CNN and make sure Bush is doing what he is supposed to. I suspect he once again felt a little depressed about the time church started and he wasn't there. Bless his heart. Going to church and driving whereever he wanted to was his lifeline. He was always one to go visit friends of his that were in the hospital or sick at home,now they come to visit him. He was always the one to drive on the family trips but now we drive him. He was always the one... Yep, that sums it up for me. My dad...he was always the one. He still has a great laugh and I can help him get into trouble as fast as ever. In fact, we might sneak off and go to the new Hooters in North Little Rock. Funny thing about Hooters is that yesterday I went over there and bought him a Hooters t-shirt for fathers day! HA! Serious! I had been threatening him that I was going to do that for years now and I just figured, heck, why not this year. He laughed and promised to wear it. I think mom about had a heart attack. If the room would not have been full of family last night she would have sentme to my room no doubt! That was the first time I'd been into the new Hooters that just opened here and it was bascially like the Back Porch in Destin. Open air, lively music, loud laughing, and yes the girls. But then the Back Porch, AJ's, Popano Joe's and all those beach place dress the same as the Hooters girls. Anyway, back to Dad... he seemed to be having a good time last night with all of his family gathered around for BBQ from the Rib Crib in Benton. Good stuff!

Thanks Dad for always being the one! I love you too!

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