Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Alright alright alright... I'll tell ya

Alright, alright, alright… I’ll tell ya!

It’s leaking out faster than mixing beer and ice cream!
I’m going to do another ride!
Here’s the lowdown:
Thursday, May 24th, 2007
I’m going to ride across the state of Arkansas in one day.
Yes, it’s a fund raiser for the hospital
Yes, it’s a lot of miles. 311 miles in one day.
Start at the Arkansas River in Fort Smith, Arkansas (Actually, I’ll go over the river to Oklahoma and ride across)
I plan to ride through Little Rock around 3:30 for PR stuff then leave for the farmlands on the way to Memphis by 4:30.
Yes, I will have a support car this time.
Yes, others have already started talking about riding with me.
Yes, I just started training for it and my trainer did a fitness assessment and I hurt from head to toe. Serious.
No, I’m not getting a new bike for it. I know my bike is going to be 3 years old and it’s a 58 and I really need a 56 but I’m used to it. I can’t just toss aside my 3 year love affair! HA!
Yes, I hope to design a new jersey for the event.
Yes, I’ve got to drop some weight. About 18 lbs but trainer said that will happen with no problem.

So what’s the plan? Well, like I said, I had my fitness assessment today and even though I rode my bike all summer there a muscles that you just don’t have to use. I guess maybe I should say, you don’t think you use. Trainer woke them up today. I’ll list the drills/reps as he gets it all lined out.

I’ll spend the winter in the fitness center on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday I’ll ride lunch rides. On the weekends I’ll be riding Saturday mornings. More than likely going back out on the Carve farmland rides. We usually started by 7 and finished by 10. Sunday’s will find me doing some sort of ride. Unless it’s raining or below freezing then I’ll be out there. I have to be if I plan to pull this off.

I actually did part of this ride last Oct with John, Paul, Robb, Mike as part of a fundraiser for John’s church. I rode from Ft Smith to NLR but also took a short break in there. Now if I do this ride, I can’t take a SAG break. I have to be the one that stays on the bike no matter what. I remember last year so well. Man, we got up and looked out the window to see the plants rocked back and forth like they were in a hurricane. It was cold and spitting rain. I was dreading it. But we got over the river and circled up and had a prayer and then it was just like when I started the around the state ride, the butterflies flew away once I started pedaling. I suspect I will be hiding in the lobby restroom of the Hampton Inn in Fort Smith again next May as I’m about to start yet another journey to raise funds and awareness for the hospital and it’s patients.

Welcome to the ride!

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