Monday, October 30, 2006

and the later...

Like I was saying.... (this is a continuation from when I started this morning)

... so the Wizard was drafting me. Last time I was lucky enough to have that happen I was in good riding form (yep, last year). We climbed the little hill and slowed to a (gasp) social (sucking air) speed of 21. We talked about how there were so many people out, the weather and what we would ride over the winter. He did turn by the skatepark and I turned to climb Ft Roots. Saw a couple of folks doing repeats.

I have been fighting the down hill syndrome since my Branson trip and have been reading stuff here and there about controlling your down hill rides. Of the articles I've read, I think the best advice came from one of my own guys. JBar was telling another club member about how to position yourself and I burned that into my internal CD player. I sat back and let her rip. It was GREAT! I flew down Ft Roots once again. I wasn't nervous anymore. Note to JBar: Thanks man!

It was just a good ride!

Ok, so it's Monday night now and I'm sitting here nursing a full blown ear ache! I forgot to take the vent plug out of my ear mold on the hearing aid that allows the heat to escape and it's prime environment for an ear infection. About noon today I noticed that things sounded like a barrel so I gabbed some yogut and took the aid off and read blogs for lunch. Sure enough when I put it back it it felt like putting a nail in my ear. I let the pain die down and didn't touch it for the rest of the day. Couldn't take calls either because when I put the phone up to my ear it was like a brain freeze but in my ear. Luckly I have these outragously expensive ear drops that clear it up over night. Yep, I'm an ear infection medicine snob! Ha!

By the way, guess where Em is tonight? The Journey/Def Lepard concert. I got a couple of tickets for her a few weeks ago. Sort of hoping she'd ask me but who am I to think my teenage daughter would ask me to a rock concert. I've already seen them when they were a real band. HA! I just wanted to hear a live version of "City on the Bay".


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