Friday, October 13, 2006

It's "change it all around" weekend

It's about to be the weekend and I figured I better blog now because Terri and I made the do list on the way into the office this morning and it's a big 'un! This is the weekend when we change everything around. We clean this and that and move furniture into the winter position. Then I have to go up in the attic and bring all the fall stuff down and take all the summer stuff up. The nice thing about tomorrow is this is the first time in a long time that no one has to get up to be at an event! I suspect I'll get up and go ride my 30 miles or slow and be home before Terri and Em even wake up.

A couple of you folks have asked what drills my trainer has me doing until Thanksgiving so here you go:
Chest Press
Lat Pull Down
Rev Butterfly
Leg ExtLeg Curl (Yes, this IS a pain in the butt drill!)
Bicep Curl
Triceps Pushdown
Back Ext
Reverse kickbacks on Swiss BallKick backs on bench
Crunch on Swiss Ball. Hold the Med Ball up and touch trainer hands. Don't bend arms.
Twist at 45 degree with SwissS
There is also one (sorry gym gurus, I don't know the name of it yet) but you lean over this bar and you do sit ups but it looks like you are going to hit your head on the floor. 45 degree. You feel it in your lower back.

Anyway, the lunch workout was fun. Well, I say that now but after the last drill. The Scissors, I rolled over to get up and my arms were on strike! Ha! I remember this feeling when I first started this the last time. Before long it doesn't bother me. I well say, I don't hurt anything like I did on assessment day.

I have to admit, I enjoyed my gym time today.

One of our Fast Girls Slow Guys is moving away. He's one of my favorites and I'll miss him. His one of the good guys and always pushes me to do better. At least he's moving someplace cool... Atlanta. Yep, he'll be there for Tour of Georgia next spring. Road trip! HA!

Beautiful weekend ahead. 70% chance of rain on Monday predicted.

Y'all go have a great weekend!

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