Monday, October 23, 2006

Jacket required.

A clear very cool day here in central Arkansas. We went to a farm yesterday afternoon for the teen Roast and Ride and man was it cold. Then the sun went down and it was too cold. I had taken tons of layers and kept going to the car to add another layer. Some of those kids showed up in a hoody and I guess a t-shirt under it. I noticed several freezing their tails off by the time it was over. I had several extra coats in the car to hand out. Of course most teens would rather die than wear a “daddy” coat.

I had a nice surprise this morning! When I put my belt on I got to go to the next hole down! I must have been border lining that hole because there’s no way after 2 weeks I would have lost that much. I hope I’m wrong but it was just the boost I needed.

I didn’t get to ride Sunday and I’ve only heard a ride report from one person but sounds like yesterday was a brutal windy ride. Cool and windy.

Saturday I did get out and rode for the morning. I rode over to the BDB and over. My niece Shannon was helping with the Raid the Rock adventure race. She was helping teams go over the bridge and repel down where they had to get back on their bikes and pedal over the bridge and off through the course on the other side. I had not heard that Raid the Rock was even going on this year so it surprised me when she told me to be at the bridge around 9 that morning and I’d enjoy what I would see. It’s a fun race to watch but the course is secret until the Friday night before so most of the public doesn’t know where to go watch at.

I rode up to the top of River Mtn Road and ran into Diane up there. I was out of breath because I was trying to ride up in the big ring (yes, little gear but big ring). She said John, her husband, was with the group that rode Wye Myn and Thronburg. After talking a bit we headed down the River Mtn Road and I told her I’d be behind since I hate going down hills now. Every since the hill in Branson I’ve been gun shy dropping down the hills. I really thought it was a done deal that day?

As I was riding back over the bridge there were folks everywhere. The bridge is great but I have to tell myself, it’s not a “bike” bridge. It’s for walkers, dogs, families and anyone else who wants to enjoy some time out. I had to call out several times and as I started down the ramp a family was walking up and I ended up behind one as well. I looked over my should to see a bike coming and held my hand down and out to let the rider behind me know I was slowing to let the families by. The rider didn’t slow but went through. So much for hand signals! Geesh! Sad thing was I knew the rider. One of the walkers was none to happy about being buzzed. And then again, neither was I.

One a funny note, there is a sign for dog owners on each side of the bridge that has a little dog squatting and little do-do balls coming out of it’s rear with a big red circle and slash through it. There are also plastic tear off bags underneath the sign. Yep, those puppy owners have to pick it up. I’ll take a photo of the sign and post it soon.

I saw another funny sign this weekend and it’s for a business that sales beauty products and wireless products. The sign reads, “Wireless Beauty Products”. Let your imagination run free! HA!

Lunch is over, back to work…

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