Monday, October 09, 2006

A whole new day... a whole new journey

Yep, there is something brewing but I still can't tell you yet. That's crud huh?! Let's just call it a brand new day and a brand new journey about to take shape and I can't wait. Yep, I'm giddy about it.

I didn't even look to see when I last blogged but Saturday was fun. I rode from the house to US Bank in NLR and cheered on the ladies doing Race for the Cure. Then I rode back home and worked around the yard the rest of the day. I was really nice to be out there getting it whipped back into shape. The lawn service came today to treat it for winter. Now I just need to go hit the garden center for flats of pansies. Today during lunch on the HR lounge Andree' was talking about getting her pansies last weekend from WalMart and said they were some of the best looking she had seen. Guess I'll try there first. By the way, my boss Eric is in CO for a few more days and I just saw the opening for Monday night footbll and they're in Denver and it looks cold. Eric hates cold. The funny thing is most of his past vacations have been to cold places.

I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Oh joy! Hey, at least I get one of those new toothbrushes, a pack of the latest hi-tech floss and a sample size tube of the new brightening,whitening,kill off the bad breath sort of toothpaste. Then I'll get a little reminder card for me to come back in six months. I'll go home and flip the calendar for 6 months from now. Oh hold it, the 06 calendar doesn't go that far in advance. I'll write it somewhere. Then it'll be one more thing in the back of my mind.

Oh funny story. I was talking to my neice yesterday out at the 4H center and was asking her why all the giant spiders appear in Oct. We always have the monsterous hairy kitten eating spiders show up on our front porch and they make huge webs (yep, saves us a bungle on Halloween decorations from Wally World!) and the reason is becasue there are less insects now and they are on the move. She said, that's why you see a lot of transulas (sp?) because the males are looking for love. Seems they go for a walk and find their little hairy women hiding in borrows so they come to call. I asked Shannon if the guys stayed with them all winter and she just laughed. The answer is no in case you are wondering. She said they have their own place. Thought you all would enjoy that nature lesson! HA!

Well, that's it for now...

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