Friday, October 06, 2006

Race for the Cure weekend

I'm not sure how many women will be running and walking in this years Race for the Cure in the morning ( but I would put money that it'll be way over the 30,000 mark. The weather today and for tomorrows race is perfect! Cool temps and a sunny sky. A runners delight no doubt. The week starts with a few RFTC events and ends up in a full blown "shut the downtown down" frenzy! Everyone gets involved and it's fun. It starts in downtown Little Rock, over the bridge to NLR then back over another bridge to LR again.

The guys show their support by being a part of "Three Miles of Men". It's 3 miles of screaming, sort of rabid acting crazies that go nuts when the women run by. There are signs and wild customs. Loud music. It's really like a tailgate party honoring those ladies.

This year the Fast Girls Slow Guys bike club will be wearing our hot pink and blue jersey and we'll be on the NLR side just before they go back over the bridge into Little Rock. The temp at starting is to be 48 degrees. So that means if I ride down from the house it will be sort of chilly. I guess I might ought to run my leg warmers and arm warmers through the washer after work. They've been laid up in the top of the closet since a I guess about April. Once the sun rises the temps will warm up to a nice 78 by days end. One of my pals once had a big cup of capped Starbucks in one of his bottle holders on his bike and with it being cool in the morning, I might just do the same! HA!

The event really is great and it's so awesome to see the "pink ladies" run and walk by. I think one of the rules is you can only wear a pink shirt if you're a breast cancer survivor. I'm not positive but I think there are no company t-shirts that are pink. That really makes it better for the sidelines because the cheering goes on for a couple of hours but man when a pink shirt comes through the crowd just explodes! There are other runners that are pushing wheel chairs with a lady fighting cancer that was well enough to be out there and let me tell you that's when the crowd goes into this rabid fever pitched frenzy cheering. There have been a couple of years when I would cheer on a runner/walker in pink and you could see tears in their eyes. Yes ma'am we are all cheering you on!

Changing the subject a little, I stumbled upon a great blog. ( ) This guy is an Ironman. Yes, one of those Ironman. I'm always blown away reading their stories of endurance. This Ironman is on a mission. His wife passed of cancer not long ago and he is honoring her through his racing. The note he writes after she passed will bring tears to your eyes. It did mine.

Ok, so the Big Dam Bridge is open and boy has it been crowded! I rode with an engineering firm the other day during lunch and was really surprised to see so many folks out there at lunchtime. there has been a funny and not so funny thing happening on the bridge. It's a non-auto bridge so nothing but walkers, runners and bikes. Well, folks are walking their dogs and seems the pups need to go to the restroom and it's catching folks off guard. Yep, doggie piles on the bridge. Even the sportswriter had an opinion on the front page of Sports a couple days ago. I keep telling myself, like anything new, you have to give it a little time for folks to get the hang of it.

Well, I've eaten my lunch (Hey Emmy, Sonic!! HA!) so it's time to get back to work.

Go have yourself a fantasic weekend!

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