Thursday, October 19, 2006

The twins arrived!

Well the family doesn't have to wait anymore. My niece had her twins this morning. All are healthy. I keep hearing lots of black hair. For some reason my family all go nuts when it's announced that a new baby in the family has black hair. Welcome to the world Keaton and Elliott!

It was sort of surprising that I hadn't blogged since Monday. It got warm this week, in fact it was 87 yesterday but guess what, it rained today and the temperature bottomed out. It was 49 today when we rode home.

It's been a good week. Bus as all get out but good. I've been not eating after 6 in the evening and that has been tough at times. I had to go over to Radio Shack to get some batteries for the house alarm system and I could smell the McDonalds close by. Oh that french fry smell. I told Terri when I got home that I was glad I didn't have any money on me because that smell was so tempting. Like a bottle of Jack Daniels to an addict. Then I had to go back out and Terri held a dollar out and told me that it was for french fries. Bad joke dear... real bad joke. I lived through it and didn't fall off the wagon and pull in to Mickey D's.

I made it it to the gym like a good kid and it's getting a little better. I remember the shaking from the first day and I didn't shake too bad today and I could actually get off the floor pad like a normal person rather than rolling over and having to pull myself up. I'm hoping tomorrow to get in a lunch ride. A nice very cool lunch ride.

The weekend looks to be fun. We have to help the teens on a church Roast and Ride on Sunday afternoon/night. These are usually a lot of fun. They take place at a farm up near Searcy.

Saturday morning will be a ride before the crew wakes up.

Oh hey, they announced that there will be another US Pro race. Now we have the Tour of Missouri set for Sept 07. I'll be there! They are already saying 16 Pro teams. So now we have 3 pro bike races. More to come! Check it out...

Later Y'all

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