Thursday, October 12, 2006

juggling act

This is becoming a juggling act already. This training for another ride. I went for the fitness assessment and didn’t get to go back to train yesterday. I told myself it was ok because I had the assessment on a non-gym day. So today I was supposed to ride a lunch day. Just about the time I’m getting ready to head over to the gym to change to bike gear I look out the window and notice folks carrying umbrellas or walking really fast. About that time the rain drops begin to hit the window. They are not like the summer rain drops that hit and roll on down. No these are like those January rain drops that hit the window and slowing streak an inch or two leaving a trail like a slug. So, no bike ride at lunch today and I didn’t bring gym clothes and tennis shoes so no fitness center either. Phone rings, it’s Jason inviting me to go grab some lunch. I tell him no, I brought my lunch and I was supposed to go ride. I’m sort of bummed and he starts talking Sonic. I start thinking corn dog, tots and a coke. I have the little angel Geo on one shoulder and the little devil Geo on the other. Geo, don’t go eat that stuff.
Think of the 18 lbs you’ve got to drop. I thump the little angel Geo off my shoulder and head out to Sonic. Yes, it was worth every bit and I wanted to reorder. I can tell this dieting part of my life is going to be hard. I love chocolate and it’s hard to go without it. Ok, truth told, I don’t go without it. I love chips especially Doritos or any chips for a Mexican place. I really love the espresso brownies from our Java City that’s in the hospital lobby. Yes, the dieting is going to be my “lifestyle change” as pro dieters call it.

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