Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, rain and work

Well it was just a Monday. A rainy Monday. You know how those make you act. It really wasn't a bad day.

I hope where ever you are you can get the Alltel tv spots. There's a new one and the 4 other cell phone cmpanies try and bribe the Alltel guy. These spots and billbards around here have been pretty funny. At least Alltel has a sense of humor. Cingular is a screwball company. Messed up billing, on hold for ever, can't pay a bill in a store (every now and then?!). Never the same kid working in the store. Nah, I don't have Cingular but Terri and Em are doomed with them. I have a company Alltel. Anyway, the Alltel billboards are a hoot. Looks like they've been vandalized.

I got an email from my bud PJ about the cross the state in a day ride next May. PJ was the guy that did it. Awesome rider! He sent me an email that Erik from The Ride had sent him about the route, food, drinks, etc. I saw in the email something about PJ loosing 32 lbs. Whoa! I think he has pretty much kept it off too. Maybe I need to drop a lot more than 18. I know it will be hard and a challenge but I think it will make me a better person. I'll have to be a lot more disciplined in my eating habits. I mean really, I'm going to have to beg Terri to throw everything I enjoy eating out the door. Ok, a lot of it. If any of you guys have any real secrets to this weight lose puzzle, send them to me or put in the comment box at the bottom of this blog.

I rode yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was a solo training ride and not long. I found that I could start at the Sub (yep as in the submarine!) and ride to the big bridge and over then loop under and ride on out to I-430. All on the bike path. I like the new bike bridge but man, folks have no clue as to how to get out of the way. Yes, it's for everone but really come on, there were a herd of folks taking up the whole width of the bridge several deep. There were bikes behind them trying to get through and they weren't moving and myself with several rider behind me were coming down the long ramp and they just continued looley gaging along and one guy looked right at me as I was coming down and calling out coming through. He just laughed until I got almost right on him then he jumped out of the way. Ok, before you throw me to the dogs for being one of those arrogent cyclist, I was going 5 mph. 5!!! I just keep telling myself as winter sets in and the cold winds come they will stay at home. I know, I'll shut up now!

I made it over to the fitness center today and endured the pain. It was funny becasue I didn't realize today was a Traditions (orientation) day and they always bring all the new employees over to the fitness center, sit them on the bleachers for their "here's our new employees" photo that will show on the company email tomorrow morning. I had just finished as they walked past. They were one side of the glass and I was on the other. As I walked to the locker room Del, who is the hospital chaplin had them all sitting and I walked behind them and she said something about "riding around the state" and suddenly all these people were clapping. I was in another zone until I heard that then to look up and see all these people looking at me. I just sort of grinned (as in embarassed) and kept walking. Well, at least the new guysknow that we do extreme stunts for the kids.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow. My training calls for a lunch time ride and I just loaded a new playlist to listen to. I had listened to the other playlist several times too many.

Well Geo out for now...

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