Thursday, October 26, 2006

Rain rain go away...

The rain started and is like some engergized bunny, going and going and going. I wish I could push it over to the west coast and put out that fire. I've about gone into shock not being on my bike since ...uh when was that? I've done good by going to gym and working the core training program. Today I wanted to push it a bit so I added reps here and there and once I got finished the spin class was about to kick in so I ran upstairs and hopped on a bike right next to the girl that has the office next to me (Evie) and it was funny because when I walked in and asked Melissa, the instructor, if I could join the group for the seesion, Evie looked up and said, "Oh heck no! I'm not having a bike crazy next to me!" The session was good and intense and my tshirt was a sweat rag by the end. This was my first spin session with Melissa as trainer. She's great! After my shower I put my hearing aid back on and nothing. Oh crud don't tell me I have "sweat fried" another hearing aid. But lucky the thing came back on a few minutes later. I grabbed a yogurt from Java City and got back to work.

I went into throw back tonight. It was funny because I was going to load in some Sheryl Crow tunes and then next thing I know I stuck in the 80's. I've listened to A Flock of Seagulls, Duran Duran (Still not impressed), The Cure, Roxette. There were a couple other tunes and bands but I couldn't remember who it was so I'll wake up at 2am and probably hum myself back to sleep with the missing tune. Then I went back to high school... oh yeah! I lived the 70's show! Yep, I knew exactly what Eric and Hot Donna were talking about. HA! I tuned in for a little Grand Funk Railroad (Yes, I wondered what Connie was doing! HA!). I forgot long the real version of Peter Frampton's tune "Do you feel" was. That was a whole album side wasn't it? I threw in some Yes and Kiss and topped it off with Blue Oyster Cult. Cities on Flame was one of my favorite high school tunes. It was one of those songs on the album... ok ok ok... the 8-track that for some reason just clicked. You know I sort of miss those high school days.

Well, I guess I written my book for tonight. Maybe tomorrow we'll see some sunshine!

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