Tuesday, January 01, 2008

...and then it becomes Oh-Eight

What a year! It ended quite but you know that's OK. My dad has been in the hospital since Friday night. ICU at first but got to downgrade to a regular room. He has blood clots in both lungs. Doc says his body is going to have to dissolve them on their own because the meds didn't work. He was in good spirits yesterday when I when down to sit with him while the others went home to rest. He should be able to go home in several days.

Terri has the crud so that's not a lot of fun either. We did manage to eat out last night, drove around a little bit then back home for the evening. We had a nice fire in the fireplace and watched TV. The new year was sort of,"Happy (cough cough cough) I'm sorry (cough) New Year (cough cough)". Some years are like that.

It's been funny reading Aussie Rodney's blog lately. Downunder is having summer right now so it's summer temps and they are talking shorts and sweating. That sounds nice right now.

I pulled all of my bike gear out and plan to head back to the river for a ride. It's in the upper 40's with some stiff wind but you have to start somewhere. My daughter asked if I wanted anything from Sonic and when I said no she sort of looked at me like one of those curious puppies. I told her I was planning to skip Sonic as much as I could this year. Just not the best stuff for someone trying to hold down weight and save a little dough.

CI stuff: Just getting a little better each day. Nothing really new to say except I have gone dining 2 times and did fine with the CI only.

Well, happy oh Eight y'all!!


Abbie said...

Happy new year Geo! :)

Jennifer said...

Happy new Year to you and yours! I'm sorry Terri has the crud (I had that last week) and I hate that your dad's having trouble...keep us updated on him, please!!

Wes said...

Congrats on a great (y)ear Geo! :-) Hope Terri feels better. I'll cut back on my beer if you can keep up the no Sonic plan :-) Happy New Year!!!