Thursday, January 24, 2008

It was good

Got to the gym and was a few minutes early so i climbed up on the spin bike and started warming up. Before I knew it the class was about full. Julie came in and got the class going and before I knew it, time was up and I was a bucket of sweat. It felt great to do that again! And yes, I feel fine and can walk today! HA!

I wish someone would do a study of hearing and sports. Serious, when I am sweating like the over weight pig I am and i have my hearing aid and my CI on, I hear even better. I always said this about my hearing aid. Dr. D said maybe the sweat causes a vacuum seal. The heat pulls it in tighter. But last night it seemed as though my CI was kicking in even more as well. That's sound is not going through my ear drum.

Life is good!

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Abbie said...

Good job! Did you go over the hills, along that flat road with the country side :)

I used to go spinning all the time until my foot decided to go numb on me. I am so afraid to work out with my CI on because i am so used to my hearing aid breaking down like a ford *snicker*