Saturday, January 12, 2008


Had a blast today! Rode 24 miles and even snuck in the back of DWonn's noon ride and rode with them from the sub to the golf course. I dropped off and did my own thing when they turned I knew I couldn't keep up with a group in mostly Carve jerseys on the hills. Spotted JBar on his bike and also spotted Mike Mitchell out getting a run in.

After that I cleaned the garage. All Christmas junk is finally back in the attic. Oh geez, only about 10 months and it comes back down.

We then went to see National Treasure. Movie was supposed to start at 4:20 but after all the trailers then a stupid Goofy movie we finally got to see the feature. It was a good movie but to me not as good as the first.

Then we drove down to see Dad in the hospital a little bit. He was doing really well and seemed to be having a good day.

Then we went to Colton's for dinner. Prime Rib was some of the best I've ever had.

Busy day and more of the same tomorrow...

Life is good!


Abbie said...

I was thinking about how your dad was holding up! I am glad to see that he is making progress! God bless him!

24 miles? Ugh... I don't even have that many fingers and toes!! I got to get back into spinning...

Wes said...

Nice ride, Geo! I gotta check on the weather. I have a little 8 mile time trial I need to do :-)