Saturday, January 05, 2008

I thinking I'm having an affair... again!

That's right folks. I thinking I am getting dangerously close to falling in love again. She's one fast chick. Yep, I rode my bike again today! It was one of those Arkansas sort of days where you didn't know what to wear on the ride. You don't want to dress to warm but then I'm not one to ride if I'm too cold. Today was one of those rare days I got it just right and I enjoyed the ride along the river like none other. I knocked off a tad over 25 miles of pure enjoyment. Saw a couple of folks and said howdy. If all goes well I'll get to go back out there tomorrow afternoon and see a bunch of the gang. There is a ride at 1 tomorrow. Of course they will drop my lard butt but just riding with the Fast Girls Slow Guys for a few will be fun.

Thanks to everyone for the comments and the emails regarding Dad. He is doing a lot better and will more than likely be moved to rehab tomorrow. Last year he was in rehab and it did him wonders. He was able to walk a lot better with his walker and he just had a better quality of life. I'm hoping for that again.

Tomorrow starts my month back in the media control tower at church. I'm looking forward to being back. I put the program together but stayed out of the controls except for one evening while I was getting used to the implant. It's going so much better than I ever expected! I kept hearing this "3 to 6 months". If it's that much better in 3-6 months then man oh man... Jordan told me that some folks are making progress up to two years. I will say I had a CI Moment today while riding. I kept hearing something buzzing and kept thinking it was a car far off but none around. Come to find out it was the golf cart on the course I was riding by. I love hearing the gears clicking and he whiz of the tires on the road. Love it love it love it!! Also hear a funny CI story the other day. Man was on his front porch and he realized his CI wasn't working and then realized it was gone!! He and his wife were sitting on the front porch and come to find out when he sat down he got too close to a wind chime and the magnet jumped and stuck the the chimes!!! I laughed when I heard that.

Well, I'm done with this computer today... by y'all

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Wes said...

I enjoyed my 25 miler Sunday too, Geo! Everyone else was in long sleeves and tights. Not me :-) It was shorts and short sleeves, although I did have 2 shirts on. I would have been more comfortable with a long sleeve jersey, but I don't own on of those yet!