Monday, January 21, 2008

Just too cold

Just too cold to do anything right now. **BUT** The weather for Sunday is 60!!
Thinking about watching the weather for a bit and taking a day off when it is going to be 60 or higher with a light wind and go out and spend the day on the bike. I need to do at least a 50 miler. I'm planning to grab my first century of the year in April so I better get on the stick.

The Rock Racing crew are all out at camp this week. Rashann has some great photos of the team including Tyler Hamilton. Can't wait to see these guys in May! Fun spring coming!

CI stuff: We had a "songbook" service at church and I was actually sitting in the crowd since it was Sunday night and I had set it up to work on auto pilot. The song leader said the numbers of the song and I heard and understood all but one. Usually I flip pages real slow and peak to see what age the person sitting on either side of me turned to then I turn to that page. You would not believe what all tricks hearing impaired folks know to do to make it look less painful than what it is.

Emmy is sick with that stomach stuff... n.a.s.t.y

Other than that... life is good.


Jennifer said...

Geo...I do the songbook trick too! It's nice that I don't have to do it quite as often anymore, though :)
It's too cold to do ANYTHING around here. I have a mapping appointment tomorrow that I am DREADING because it means leaving my cozy little nest....ugh!

Wes said...

I'm hoping to get my time trial in Sunday, rain or shine!! Woo hoo!

That's really cool on the CI stuff...