Saturday, January 26, 2008

Full winter gear today

No one around today

Got the tunes, got the bike... happy camper!

It was a good day. I had the whole river trail to myself except for 2 other bikes and a hand full of folks training for the upcoming Little Rock Marathon.

It was freezing rain yesterday and caused complete chaos on the roadways. So bad just outside of my hometown that they had to detour I-30 traffic. I think when it started sleeting and lots of folks freaked and took off for home and grid locked traffic. If you waited until about 3 the road crews had had a chance to work the roads and I drove home like it was just a normal rainy day.

I got out to ride today and it was supposed to be sunny and 48 but it was just breaking through the clouds as I was finishing up this afternoon. I had a great ride for this early in the year and coming back from slack-o-rama. I was surprised to see a 17.3 average for 24.67 miles.

There was a huge soccer game going on so I stopped for a moment to watch towards the end of my ride but I got cold and rode on in.

I used my hearing aid for tunes and the CI for hearing. It worked out great!

I really liked this shot due to the reflection on the water


Wes said...

Those are some great pics Geo! Some people were really playing soccer in that cold? Man!! Those soccer peeps are nuts!!

Laurie said...

Your pictures look so peaceful. . .but COLD!

Sam said...

COLD??? HEY...I resent that remark but its in the low 30s here in Buffalo and I am looking forward to my first 5K race of 2008!

Rod and Lynda said...

Geo, I'm 9 days away from implant and also do some serious bike riding. I've ridden for years without HAs due to wind noise. They just whistle. How to CI's do in the wind? My blog is at