Monday, January 07, 2008


Yep, just plain ole Monday.

Yesterday I did get out and ride in yet again windy conditions. the nice part was that the temps felt like spring! It's been so warm the past couple of days that a neighbor down the street has a forsythia bush starting to bloom! Next weekend it will be back to winter I hear.

Speaking of hear... I wanted to wear the CI and helmet without a cap but my helmet knocked off the connection magnet several times before I even got started so I just wore the hearing aid. Oh yeah, love that deafening roar! The CI is so much quieter with the wind roar. I'm going to have to find some sort of headband to wear to hold the mag in place.

I did spot the club and rode to their regroup area and got caught up on some friendships. It was good to see the guys. There were several others out I hear but never spotted them. Saw DWonn doing his run. He rode the day before. Yep, he is one of the Ironmen guys. Super nice.

I got on the scale and I'm down 2lbs. Need about 14 more to get where I really want.

Oh I did the media at church and it was fine. We had several things going on but everything went like clockwork and I sat there enjoying the service.

life is good....

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