Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday night thoughts

Just got back from visiting my dad at the hospital. Seems to be doing better but he's going to be there awhile. My mom, bless heart heart, insists on staying there every night. Dad is in a semi-private room but there's not another patient in there so they have given mom the other bed to sleep on at night and they have brought in nicer more comfortable chairs. He said four good looking nurses came in today and gave him a bath. Oh the thoughts of turning older... HA!

I had mapping number 3 on the CI today. Jordan gave me more mid and high ranges. At first I really couldn't tell that much but I can tonight. I'm still bummed that I'm not getting the radio music in good yet. I did figure out that the car heater fan blocks a lot of the radio sound so if I turn down the fan then I can hear the radio a lot better. I have to not try to listen to the music so much and that's when I can hear it best. I've also noticed that the bass and the high notes seem like they are be processed by 2 different processors. Strange.

Sunny and 62 for Saturday and Sunday has a whooping 68 degrees... and it's about 30 out there right now. This much temp swing is going to continue to cause folks to get bad colds. Terri is feeling better by the way! She went to the doc and Bryon gave her a shot and meds.

As promised here are some more folks who have inspired me:
Huck (Yes, The Huckabee -- yes the Iowa caucus guy) He was our Gov and he got into running and lost a massive amount of weight. Vote for him. He really is a good normal ole guy.
Paul Creel -- always fun to ride with. Best hand therapist in the state.
Kyle, Doug, Rick and Mike -- they got me back on the back a couple of years. They are good as gold.
Paul Britt, Michael Mitchell, Jon Van Pay, Robb Carr -- Still cherish our long ride that day! HA!
Jason Gates -- Awesome rider, true gentleman, kick butt US soldier
Jason Ketcher -- He tells me like it really is. Makes me laugh so hard my tummy hurts.
Charlie Woods -- knocked out over 10K miles on the bike the past 2 years.
Many more to come!

Not much else going on. Speech therapy tomorrow. Counting down to the weekend!


Wes said...

Keep thinking warm weather this weekend, Geo! I've been waffling back and forth about a trainer. I think I'm going to go for the full fingered gloves and a balaclava instead! We'll see!!

Abbie said...

I hope that your dad is doing better Geo! I'm praying!