Sunday, January 27, 2008

Then the sun came out!

Knocked out media at 2 services this am, had lunch with the girls then spent the afternoon on the bike. That weather guys was just wrong this weekend! Saturday was supposed to be sun at 48 and today was supposed to be sunny and almost 60. Instead we woke to dense fog. I mean really dense.

When we came out of church is was still foggy and chilly. I was getting bummed. While we were eating lunch Emmy said, "Look! The sun came out!" When we walked out it was a beautiful clear blue sky!

Now today's riding was a lot different. Well, still mostly winter gear but the lighter weight stuff. The difference was that there were folks walking, running, in line skating and biking everywhere. I stayed on the roadside bike paths rather than the river trail due to the families. I'm very glad they are out there enjoying the nice afternoon and don't mind riding in a different area at all for them. I spotted JBar and Diane but like so many winter rides, everyone is so covered up you don't know who is who. Well, I knew which was Jbar and which was his wife but other folks would wave and say Hey Geo and I couldn't make out who that were. I'd wave and say howdy anyway. Also spotted the Arkansas Bike Club out for their Sunday afternoon ride.

Sorry, no photos today. I wished I had take the camera because there was a section off area of one of the unused soccer fields and there were small orange cones everywhere. Then i saw what it was for... there were a bunch of adults who were racing these hopped up mini motorcycles. It was funny to watch. I sort of secretly hopped to spot one of the Arkansas Psychos but no luck. These are the guys to see on the cool motorcycles riding wheelies at 70mph down the interstate around here. Insane stuff. One day I was going home for the hospital and two of them rode by on wheelies in rush hour traffic. It was one of those things you just sort of wonder if you really saw what you think you saw. I know, it's wrong and I shouldn't be glamorizing them.

CI Moment #1: Have I mentioned hearing birds while riding? Now that is a trip! I've never heard birds while riding along. When the CI is covered a tad it allows you to hear all sorts of stuff really clear. Sometimes I change gears just to listen to the click. I've caught myself breathing hard and just laughed.

CI Moment#2: OK, now I'm sure there is relation between oxygen, blood flow and hearing during exercise. No question about it. It will happen to me each time at around 20 miles out. I really caught it today. I was not listening for it or had even realized what my mileage was when it happened. But when it did it was very noticeable. I'm pushing our audiology department to look into it. Maybe it's some unknown syndrome and they would name it after me! HA! Wouldn't you like a syndrome named after you?!

Tomorrow is spin class! Will be interesting to see how the legs feel after logging over 55 miles in 2 afternoons of riding. I know cycling buds, 55 miles is cheesecake stuff....

Life is good (and fun!)

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Jennifer said...

Ah...we had sunshine today was beautiful! I was so tired, though, that I slept through most of it...the Sunday afternoon nap was looong today!!
We have seen some of those daredevil riders on our interstates...they scare me to death every single time. They ARE fun to watch though!!