Saturday, August 30, 2008

Always lovin' it!

I set out this morning to jump in a training ride group for our upcoming Big Dam Bridge 100 ( ). So I got up, ate and had the car all loaded and ready to leave and kes... where are my keys??? I look and I look and I think ugly words and I look... oh there they are... in my jersey pocket ... I have my jersey on. Whadda dork!

Oh crud, it's 7:19 and the ride starts at 7:30. I can do this. No cops hiding on North Hills Blvd on Saturday mornings. But oh no baby, e.v.e.r.y stinking light has to change to red. UGH! Burning tires and pushing the nitrous button I'm screaming at 120 down through the neighborhood. Ok that's a lie, but you get the picture. I want to be there.

Finally, last red light changes to green but wha???? A cop is standing in the road just up ahead. Oh man, a 5K is about to start and they have closed the roads. Nice guy cop allows me to jump the road and into the Alltel Arena parking lot so I can get my bike ready and jump in after the runners pass. Oh crud again! I see them leaving on the other side and down the street. No problems, I'll ride hard and catch up in a moment. runners, runners, more runners. OK I see a break coming up. Wha? Mister slow that pace down you are messing up the break I need to get across. Runner, runners, and more runners. Blocker cop says to me I can jump over as soon as I want. Bikers are gone. That's OK, I will ride a even harder. Runner, runners, and s.t.i.l.l. more runners. When is that break coming?

Break comes and off I go. up to 23mph right off the bat. Not a smart riding thing to do, for me anyway.

I hang a right onto Washington and I don't see them. They can't be that far ahead. I drop to the bars and head down and get it going. Pace is good. Still don't see them. Ugh!

Turn to the farmland road and over the train track that I still have issues with. Ok it's flat and straight and there is no sight of these friends. Oh man this is going to taking some work to get caught up.

I never see them the whole ride. I finally stopped on the way back in at Scott. Out to Keo, looping back to Scott nonstop made this ole boy a bit tired. I shot a lemon flavored gel. Eric from The Ride bike shop in Conway gave me these and they are the bomb!! After about 10 minutes maybe I hop back on the bike and head on back to town. Road a little on the river trail and called it a morning.

I'm keep wondering if that was not the group I was going to ride with that I saw leaving.

Funny story... I accidentally drug some old Go-Go's tunes into my training IPod tunes. I was riding along and their song came on.... I'm out on a country road, no one for miles and I'm laughing myself silly. Just keep your "lips sealed" about this ok?!

Life is good... even when you've got a Go-Go's song stuck in your head.


Iron Maiden said...

And just what's wrong with the Go Go's? Nada! I love the Go Go's and I don't care who knows it because "We got the beat"!

Rodney Olsen said...

I don't mind a good solo ride ... but not when I'm meant to be riding with a group.

It's not a lot of fun to miss the start when you're meant to be on a group ride. Glad you managed a good ride anyway.