Thursday, August 07, 2008


Is that not catchy or what? I'm gong to start a company called i.rode
I'm not sure what it will be or what it will sale but it will be cool.... i.rode

Awwright, I really did ride tonight! I got down to the river and prepared to ride along just to say howdy to the Jabba legs but just as I was about to start my ride here came the gang. What's a middle aged fat guy to do? Yep, ya get up and dance on the pedals right out of the cage and catch up and ride!! I catch the tail end on the hill and Dr. Shawkitty-I-love-to-leave-you-in-blog-suspense-about-my-Iowa-ride is smoking back up to the group and I'm lucky just to hang there. We catch up with a new rider and lo and behold we set up for a nice little 23mph cruise along the river. Gotta turn and climb Ft Roots to get to the regroup point at the top. Several of us split off after the regroup and take a different route over to Burns Park. The other (much younger, much crazier) riders run over to Valley View (Puke View) for some serious fast climbing. We spot them swinging around the back side of Burns. Several of us ride on around and spot several of the fast gang. One has a bit of a deal with his back wheel. We get everyone back to Cook's either by bike or my sag-a-mobile. Hung out in the parking lot a moment then heading to the house. It was a good ride!

Funny sidebar: I took my old MP3 player that I used before I bought the Ipod. I told Terri to take the Ipod with her to the fitness center tonight. So I get to the ride and I get all wired up and turn on the Mp3 player. Nah, don't want to hear this song... next... no, don't want to hear that one either.. next... no that was the first song I didn't want to hear.... next... well pooey, that's 2 the second I didn't want to hear either... next... oh no... there are only 2 songs loaded on this old thing and I don't like either one! I think I'm renaming my Ipod "Crackpod" I can't do without it anymore! HA!

I had so much tape on my CI tonight it took forever to get it all off. I think I'm just going to wrap my head with a couple rounds of duct tape! You know that manly silver tape that fixes everything.

CI moment: Good lord! I was sitting in the den watching CSI eating my stinkin low carb dinner and the cadedids (sp?) were soooo loud outside (windows and doors closed too) that I had to turn up the TV. Is this Advanced Bionic CI not the coolest gizmo on the face of the earth! I'm telling ya!

I can't wait to get to ECHO next week when all the guys are all messing with their G3's.... I'm going to tell them they are sooo two thousand eight! Then I'll show off my CI and tell them this is the future... get with it.

Remember how I was talking about being a target earlier this week. Person who had me in their scope really apologized today. My response. Don't worry about it, water under the bridge.

I won't bore you but tomorrow's Friday. Get up right now and do your best moon walk dance. Go on... get up! Go on I really double dig dog dare you! It will be really funny... do it... get up where ever you are a dance for a second then sit back down. Live life to the fullest! Have fun!!

Life is good...even when you act like a looney tune!

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