Monday, August 11, 2008


Monday morning...

Spent Friday evening, like most, watching the jaw dropping opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Like I heard them say, the trophy needs to be retired now. I doubt anyone will touch that. Sure there is controversy surrounding the cost vs. the need to help their people.

Saturday was spent at my folks house painting.

Sunday it rained and I'm not going to complain even if that was the day I scheduled to ride all afternoon. It's looking like rain will start up again about 9 this morning. We needed it. If all goes well I will do my best to ride after work.

3 days til ECHO! I suspect the opening will be a knock off of the opening of the Olympics since this is a media conference. And I suspect it will be a hoot!

off to work we go....

Life is good... even in the rain.

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Wes said...

Looks like you got some pretty nasty stuff headed your way. Stay dry!!!