Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sunday night mind dump

Fun day today. Lots of work and coordinating but was nothing but good. I did the art and songs merge today and so far it was 100% positive. My mind is completely blown over it. When folks told me today and tonight how much they liked it and that I did such a good job I was quick to say it wasn't me. It was a gift given to me. We have an amazing team that work together.

Now the evening service was a riot right up until the start. We were using some different lighting effects tonight during a prayer service. Certain lights were to be left off on purpose to give the auditorium a den or coffeehouse type lighting effect. But different guys would come into the auditorium and do their good deed and flip the other lights on. I would have to run down and turn them back off. It was really funny. We finally stationed a guy by the lights and told him to not let anyone touch the lights.

We put together a Prayers of Confession presentation that was actually only seen by a very few. There was a 2 and a half minute silent prayer time and the lights were shut completely down except for the screen and it was a fade in and fade out of different confession type statements. You only saw it if you weren't with your head bowed and praying and... that was the whole purpose. Folks who didn't feel like they could pray and just sat it the pew in the dark could read different prayers and maybe one had an affect on them. We'll never really know.

I've had several people ask me if we had all of the controls together if I would put together a team to work it. The keep saying stuff like lighting control, visual and audio. AUDIO?! Who would have ever thought they would ask a guy with a CI to handle audio?!

I know I haven't written much about my CI lately but that's because it's just a part of me now like my hearing aid. Both products are amazingly awesome and sure I still pick up a new sound here and there but like I said, it's just part of my everyday life. Hey, I do get to meet the Untiron hearing aid rep in a couple of weeks. That will be exciting for me. Just for, if nothing else, to say thanks for a great product.

Em and I ran down to the folks house today and on the way back we noticed several cars for Louisiana. All the hotels here are sold out and we've spotted more LA cars around town later. New Orleans for those who don't know is 6 hours south of here. I just hope they are spared what happened during hurricane Katrina.

Well, happy Labor day friends!

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