Thursday, August 14, 2008

@ echo

Yep! I'm at ECHO!

Left the house around 4:45 this morning and arrived right about 10. This included a stop for gas (just topping off 1/2 tank before Dallas) and a stop in Texarkana for Starbucks. I remembered right were it was from when I did the state bike tour. Isn't that a trip??? Remembering where a Starbucks is after 4 years. I have to tell you though it was just what I needed! That driving before sunrise was tough but the sunrise itself was really nice.

I had lunch with some guys from West Virginia. Their church is 3,000 members. Nice guys. One stayed in the lunch room (which looks like an upscale Starbucks) and we listened to the CEO of MediaShout. That's some nice software. The WV guys are still using PowerPoint stright up but hey it works for them. They did have some funny stories though. We all did.

Before lunch we got a behind the scenes tour of Watermark Church. The auditorium seats 2200 (which they pack for 2 services and have added a 3rd) and they are building the new one next door that seats 3500. It's a beautiful building! Top of the line visual and sound system. The "other" building is 6 floors tall! It's the class rooms and offices.

Heading out for dinner then to hear Mark Batterson tonight.

Life is good... in the Big D

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