Tuesday, August 05, 2008

All things midweek

Ok, so tomorrow is trash-to-the-curb day which is the officeal start to the other side of the week but I've had a hard week so far and I really need it to harry up and get all weekend-ish.

Monday right off the bat I got hit with an issue whee I thought I did the right thing but someone else thought otherwise and came at me with both guns up and loaded. All I could do is state my case to the boss and see if there would be a hard impact. I count my blessings that I have superiors who believe me. The problem and the way it got flipped around still train wrecked me.

Tuesday's drama... an employee wanted to transfer and two different departments loved her and she accepted a job then decided she wanted the other and by mid day I wasn't sure what was going on. I had her current boss, the boss she took the job and turned down and the other boss all calling me and all of us wondering what on earth was going on.

Wacky stuff I tell you!

Remember me telling you I went down to my parents to paint their house? Well, somehow I got into what I think were those chiggers and now I have these very itchy bites. It has been a mental contest to keep from scratching. I still have to do a lot more painting but this time I'll have my legs coated in insect repellent.

I have to admit I haven't rode my bike in about a week. Now that sad but it's been about 100 degrees everyday and there is a cut off for me. Weather models show the heat wave breaking and the temps only getting to 91 this weekend.

I have a mentor guy at work I sometimes call on when things get totally out of tune. Today he told me something that really stuck. He said , "Geo, the more influence your carry, the bigger the target you wear." I just thought about that for a moment and smiled. Back to the first part of my post. Yes someone was acting as I was their target. The way my mentor, who will always remain a shadow in the background at his wishes, told me that I have a lot of influence in this life and that some people will target me. He told me to look at how I have helped the hospital, to look at how I am loved by the departments I recruit for and to look at how I can say what I think in a meeting of upper management and it's actually considered. He continued on to say look at how you are being asked to serve on boards now. He pointed out how one day when we walked down the hall together I called coworkers by name, even housekeeping, and asked something specific about their day. I told him I was just being myself. It's not something I trying to do to get ahead in life or be somebody. He said, And that's exactly what I mean. By you being yourself and people enjoying being around you makes you a huge target. But the more influence you carry, the bigger the target you will wear." I was honestly floored by him saying that to me. You mean because I'm just being plain ole me, someone doesn't like that? Come on, how retarded is that? Serious!

Ok let's change gears here... I had a CI mapping on Monday and a hearing test. The hearing aid ear had dropped 10dbs over the year and that bummed me but the CI was rocking it's happy little electrodes off. Jordan talked me into trying "S" which makes a different type sound than what I have programmed which is "P", I think. Something tells me I have it all wrong but stay with me here. Ok, when I got the CI activated there are two different types of ways that you can get sound. One is all the electrodes fire at once which is what I use and at times it came seem harsh when the volume is up. Now the other is more like a wave where the electrodes fire more like a wave. We had turned that on in the clinic but I had never listened with it for an extended amount of time. We kept my program 1 and 2 the same but changed my music program to this "S" program. I used it all afternoon and really changed my mind and liked it. It's a more gentle sort of sound coming in. It's really hard to describe. Jordan said a lot more CI users like that than what I normally have programmed. Well, I'll be... I'm becoming like the rest of them! HA! I know what you're thinking... well if I turned off the music program how do I hear music now. Well, it's like I do most of the time and that's through my hearing aid. I just can't run the IPOD and the hearing aid with direct connect at the same time now.

Well I think I'm going to go dive on the bed and read a book for a bit and fall asleep!

Life is good.... even if you are a target! Be a target!!!


Wes said...

It's a dog eat dog world, Geo. I've been a target. My 'tude? Can't touch this :-)

elizabeth said...

This is a great blog! I hope you'll consider adding it to the aggregator at Deaf Village (www.deafvillage.com)!