Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Then a few minutes later...

Ok, I didn't go to bed and read. I decided to check several local friends blogs and see what the gang has been up to. Well much to my surprise I think they have been all out riding every stinking hot day because they ALL (except Sarah) seems to have the "Syndrome".

Note to my blog-slacking-friends.... y'all stop lurking on my blog and reading every detail of my boring life and update yours. I won't call names but y'all know who you are! Yeah, I love y'all too, blah blah blah....

Note to Sarah: DO GOOD in Leakville. You've trained hard... this ride is yours my friend!

Life is good...especially when you update your stinkin' blog HA!!!

1 comment:

Ironman said...


Your "Blog-Slacking" comment was just what some of us needed. I made time to set down and blog last night. I am glad I did, thanks.