Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Quick hit Wednesday

Got to do this fast... I'm at work and it's not lunch...

I did ride yesterday! It was crazy stuff! The temp was 39 with 19mph wind and 32 mph gust and all of that along a river! No wind blockage hardly at all.

... but it felt REALLY good to be back out there riding. I mean r.e.a.l.l.y good!

Had a CI moment. When I was riding back to the car with the wind to my back it was like the day I got my new hearing aid and I could her the whizz of the tires on the pavement and the gears clicking but with the CI the wind noise to me is much less! I could hear something behind me that sounded like a wave and it was a gust of wind coming across the field toward me. Unbelievable how cool that was to hear.

Saturday forecast is showing 62 for the high that afternoon with sun! I'm am so gonna be there riding! Yea-izzzz!

Funny story right quick: Ok, who all said no eating in 2008? Well we had a meeting this morning and some fool brought donuts! I passed... ohhhh weee, that's serious!

Card on the table true confession moment: Terri bought some fancy schmizing Weight Watchers scale and I got on it. Poor digital thing didn't know what to do with me. Told me to get off and come back in a couple of weeks. Y'all wanna hear something really sad... 10 lb gain since the CI surgery. Yes, that's why I rode in a freezing hurricane yesterday. I'm sure in the docs notes it prescribed for me to sit on the sofa and eat holiday foods for 3 weeks... I know i saw that somewhere... didn't I?

Hope you are off to a great 2008!


Wes said...

I gave up my ride Saturday in the 50+ degree temps so Dee Dee could get her 16 miler in. I am SO riding this weekend!! So, you are telling me I won't be able to sneak up on you now? On to plan B :-)

Jeff said...

Glad you're getting out, Geo! I'm starting to do the same. I lost weight after surgery, but not in a good way. I had put on some good muscles doing a big yard project the past few months. Now they're mostly gone and replaced by some flab. ugh. And if you didn't catch my reply to your comment on my blog -- my implant site is itching too!

Jeff said...

I forgot to mention -- do you have a program with 100% T-mic? I find that wind noise is a lot less using it. I think the wind blows across the built-in mic more.

Geo said...

Jeff: I'm strictly t-mic for right now.

Unknown said...

I was REALLY lucky that I haven't gained any weight at all through my surgery and the holidays...I love to eat, and have been provided with more junk than humanly necessary. However, I was walking religiously last summer and fall and haven't been doing that...and I think I've lost some muscle...bah. I'm hoping that my new job will help me build some of it back...I'll be uncrating in the produce department of Wal-mart...FUN! :)
WHO in the WORLD brings donuts to a meeting the first week of the new year? A woman at work bought a package of banana nut bread for the break room this morning...I skipped my break and went home for lunch! ;)

Melissa Halford said...

Grandmurna's cookin' will do that to ya! Hey, check out my blog for updated slideshow from when we were home. I miss you guys!