Tuesday, September 02, 2008

GUSTav get on outta here

This is the scene behind my building today. The wind just ripped more than enough umbrellas. Ok, we actually enjoyed watching some (can you say employees with attitudes?!) folks trying to walk across the parking lot with umbrellas and the wind would just flip them inside out. Most flipped out so hard they would break. The entrance to the hospital was nothing but broken umbrellas. Serious the trash can at the main entrance must have had 20 umbrellas overflowing the trash can.

Well New Orleans survived for the most part and now we are sitting in a swirl of rain and wind. The rain we can handle but when you put the wind and the rain together you get a lot of cranky folks.

The rain is supposed to continue for the next couple of days then the sun will come out and say hello to the humidity! At least the temp will only be 87 for Saturday's MS 150 kick off. If I can just get up the mountain by 2pm then I'll survive. I plan to take it easy until the mountain... then I'll take it even easier so I can climb that bad boy.

My pal Brandon is coming to town for the BDB 100 in a few weeks and I'll be heading to J'Boro where he lives to ride the Better Life Ride. He has a screaming fast new bike so he'll be dropping my butt right out of the cage but that's alright. I am old enough to be his dad. Serious... I'm actually friends with his dad for years but Brandon and I became biking pals. He is married to the sweetest girl, Hannah and has those little guys named Will and Ben. It will be great to catch up with him.

Life is good even in the wind and rain.

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