Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Like a bad LSD trip from Dragnet back in the 70's my hearing aid went all ghost-in-machine! Mike and I were loading the desk for the control center and I got really hot and sweaty and no air to dry the sweat like when I'm on the bike. So I think the sweat got into the circuits of the aid. Suddenly it's changing programs from regular to soft to phone (silent without a phone to your ear). It repeating this over and over and over. I tried everything but no luck. Today it seeme fine after it spent the night in the dehumidifier. I stopped by Audio and they gave me the same aid as a loaner and sent ghost-in-machine in for a fixing.

I dropped the bike off to Dan and the gang at the bike shop for a tuning. First thing Eric said was man, you've been riding...need a new back tire. Chain was a tad stretched too so I'll be getting one of those as well. White handlebars will now be back. White is great for pro's who don't have to do anything but get on and ride but for commoners who have to fix their own chain and flats... white bar tape is a pain.

Ya hear Lance is coming out of retirement? There was a collective groan across France. HA!

Tyler Hamilton is doing great with the Rock Racing team this year. Big win! Rashaan is pushing the limits (and pain) in London.

The computer system that drives the media is acting all crashy and isn't coming back to life. I'll get some of the guys who had this job before me to look it over and see if I'm missing something. If not... there will be a new computer up there Sunday but that's not what I want for now.

By the way... I feel asleep during the MTV video awards. Serious... it was boring. Too much of the try to shock you stuff. But I do have to say that ex-American Idol Jordan S. stood up for a good fight. The emcee was poking fun of the Jonas Brothers about their no sex before marriage promise rings. Then Jordan came out to present an award and said that the rings are a good thing and that not everyone wants their boyfriend or girlfriend to be a slut. I know, tacky word to say, but it was a major league hit! Way to go Jordan for standing up for the good in people.

I got to talk to a couple of folks about to get implants. They were in the clinic. Super nice folks. One wanted to know about hearing in public places like church and I told her about my first live public experience was in church the Sunday before Christmas and how I heard people turning the pages in their bibles. A sound I hadn't heard since I was a kid. Yep, this CI continues...still... to amaze me... 9 months later!!

Note to nephew Jim.... hey man, zip your lip and stop bashing our Hogs. (Melissa...stop laughing... ok, go tell Ryan I just said that) On a serious note...Jim, please tell Trae we are so proud of her marathon career! Running in 102 degree heat is endurance of the pro's!

Life is good...seriously, it's just plain all out good!


Emily* said...

Hey Pop!
I was just avoiding my homework by reading your blog! Love ya!

Wes said...

LOL @ Emily...

I about crapped a brick when I saw white tape hanging from my bars at the bike shop. I was like, uh, UH! No you don't! Did that bike come in here with white bar tape? Fu-get-a-bout it!!!

jo said...

yeah Lance! it's gonna be a fun season next year!