Monday, September 22, 2008

One of the best

Note to Mike: here is Mark Batterson's website:
You're gonna love it! Like Mark told me in Dallas... go chase the lion!

After work I was really wanting to ride a while. I headed down to the river with Ipod in hand. Pulled in to the parking lot and there's my pal Mike getting ready to ride. We end up riding over to Little Rock and both of us talking and catching up the whole time. I was having a little bit of wind issues with my ear technology but I could still hear most of what he was saying. What I couldn't hear over the wind, I simply asked him what he just said. Not a big deal. Man was it good to see him. We talked about family, friends, training, rides, church. Yeah, a lot about church. If you don't know Mike or don't remember him he was one of the guys who rode with John Van Pay on the across the state ride. Mike jumped in at Cook's Landing and rode to West Memphis. I rode from Ft Smith to Cook's. It was a fundraiser ride for a van for a missionary guy in China. The guys were awesome. Paul Britt, John Van Pay, Rob Carr on bikes on a cold windy day. I was lucky enough to get to ride with Mike on some of the training rides and then several rides afterwards.Mike, thanks for the ride tonight. It was one of the best rides all year!

I'm all wrapped up in Heros. Great season premiere! I'm not going to talk about it in case someone has recorded it to watch later.

Life is good...when you have great friends like Mike.

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never seen Heros!! I better not start huh? m