Friday, September 12, 2008

Someone slap those fools!!!!

Serious! Someone has got to slap the snot out of these gas guys! Gas was 3.41 when I left the house and now my daughter called and said it's 3.95.

I heard one story a few minutes ago that there was no gas in Camden last night because everyone was filling up.

Insane what gas guys can do and get away with it.... pure insane... no that would be robbery.

Life is good... well except for gas....sigh....


Jennifer said...

I heard last night that they were going to do that. I am SO annoyed. We have a 15 passenger van (yeah, a church bus) and it will cost us over 100 bucks to fill it up. I don't drive it unless it's absolutely necessary!!!

Wes said...

What kills me is those damn OPEC countries met to CUT production after gas rose from 75-90 dollars since last year. And we are paying these guys to kill us!! Grrr!!!