Thursday, September 04, 2008

It was like Wal-Mart at 6am on the Friday after Thanksgiving

It was like Wal-Mart at 6am on the Friday after Thanksgiving! I kid you not! Seriously!

Someone spotted a spot of sunshine coming through the lobby window and everyone busted down the hall to see it.

Gustav really messed with us huh?

OK, MS150 coming up Saturday. I'm excited to get to see some friends I've not seen in a few. I'll be riding slow but that's fine and dandy with me. I want to enjoy the ride while I look at the horses and smell the country air (except for around the chicken houses). Wonder how many dead snakes there will be? Wonder if I will ride by one that I think is dead and it's not?

I'll be working on Sunday media stuff tonight so I will have a clear calendar for the rest of the weekend. They are starting a new series and changing everything up. Remember a week or so ago how I was on my soapbox abut church? Man was that prayer ever answered! I will be using a lot more art to help folks visualize. The services have also been put in a bowl, stirred up and pored out in a whole new format! No more 3 songs, prayer, song.... I'll have a couple of videos in the mix too. Will I sleep well Saturday night... not at all. Will I drink coffee at 5:30 on Sunday morning... lots with Cinnabon creamer (oh man that is good stuff!). We return to a single service (fall & winter) this week. Can you say packed house?! I love it when everyone's together in one service.

Well time to jump over the pond and listen to whatever Rodney is talking about on the Aussie radio. So fun to listen to but so strange to think he is talking tomorrow morning... yep, it's Friday morning in Perth.

Life is good...really really good now that the rain stopped for a bit. Makes me feel like I need to put an olive branch in my mouth and ride my bike around the neighborhood.

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